Complacency is something we talk on a lot but never really seem to talk about. In the security world, complacency is the most detrimental thing that can happen to a site. Complacency with the embedded staff leads to stuff such as unprotected documents, doors left open, and an overall listlessness that is easy to spot and capitalize on if you’re a criminal looking to do damage.

Complacency can also kill on the security side of things. We’ve all seen it, and it was a staple of movie tropes for a few decades; the bored security guard. The overweight security guard. The dopey security guard. All that, unfortunately, is born from a nugget of truth. It’s that complacency that can cost a firm, and more importantly it’s that kind of complacency that can be really detrimental to a firm.

If you’re a prospective client, current client, or just somebody interested in security let me ask you this - how often does the firm you’re interested in, or working with, train? How vigorously do they train? Is the training designed to achieve something at the end of it, or is it just a reiteration of the basics?

Complacency can set in at every level, so it’s wise to safeguard yourself from hiring an outfit that might fall into that. It’s your right to inquire what your security agency is doing to keep itself sharp - ask about physical standards, train and re-trains, and generally what they have integrated into their company standard operating procedures to keep that from happening.

This may seem like a strange thing to fixate on, but when I was doing consulting it was shocking to me how little guards knew about their own weapon systems. I couldn’t tell you how many of the guards would openly tell me that the only time they’ve ever shot was at their license qualifying, or their equipment wasn’t uniform at all.

It’s important to incorporate this if you’re running a security firm. Give mandatory training monthly, maybe try to make it into a team building event - but it’s crucial to be proficient in our chosen profession, as letting it slide is the easiest way to get someone hurt.

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