Be Sure, Feel Safe.

Feel Safe;
Don’t Be Caught Unprepared

Our company is veteran owned and operated, and staffed with both combat veterans and seasoned civilian security contractors. With a combined multiple decades of experience and several areas of subject matter expertise, Poseidon Security Group specializes in crafting unique policies to fit each of our customers’ individual needs.

Whatever your needs may be, our mission is to help you feel confident, comfortable and secure.

Experienced Team

The core of our company is a team of well-trained, highly skilled security professionals who each bring a unique set of skills to the table. Our eclectic backgrounds give us a collective insight few others have, helping us to prepare you for anything that may come your way, especially in these uncertain times.

Fully Licenced

All of our security professionals are fully licensed, registered and insured for whatever job they undertake.

Unrivaled Value

With our exceptional attention to detail and our client-focused team of experts, we truly understand our clients’ needs and guarantee a value far beyond normal industry standards. Furthermore, we’re very proud to require regular, mandatory training for all of our security professionals, as all demands of proficient security agents are perishable skills.

Tailor Made

Focusing foremost on client service and prioritizing communication, we can offer unique and customizable security solutions for each individual client, catering to specific circumstances and addressing all of your concerns.

24/7 Service

Day or night, we are ready to be there for you, making sure that your security remains uncompromised!

Our expertise gives you peace of mind
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