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Lawrence Davis was an infantryman with the United States Army where he served multiple deployments overseas. Since then he’s spent nearly a decade in personal and property protection. Specializing in the security industry, he has handled threat assessment on every level. He’s a litany of licenses as a trainer, operator and manager of security for almost any climate and arena.

Lawrence Davis

Amie Hulme is a licensed security guard as well as a certified firearm instructor. With Bachelors’ degrees in both Finance and Economics and a previous career as a corporate trainer for a large restaurant group, she is responsible for all administrative functions and training curriculum within the company. As an avid shooter, on her days off you can often find her at the range training or hanging with her dogs.

Amie Hulme
Director of Administration

Sam Escobar is a decorated combat veteran with multiple overseas deployments. After his tenure in the army he spent several years excelling in the hospitality industry. This unique blend of skills as a US Army infantryman and a general manager of multiple bars and clubs makes Sam an irreplaceable member of our team with an eye for service orientated security measures as well as executive protection.

Sam Escobar
Director of Operations
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